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About BnBidea

BnBidea is an independent platform where hosts can promote their accommodation and tips. On BnBidea you look for a nice accommodation and book directly. In this way the host receives 100% income and the traveler receives the best price and 100% service! BnBidea does not charge a commission or service fee.

Visitors on BnBidea, who are in search for information or wants to book a accommodation, always do this directly with the host, without the involvement of high commissions and mandatory conditions. The host receives the request directly and decides for himself whether he accepts the booking and under what conditions. The host is in full control.

You can book an accommodation quickly and easily without the intervention of BnBidea. Have you made a choice? Fill in the contact form or click on the website link. The link will take you to the site of the accommodation, where you can book directly or ask for additional information. Send your request directly to the host and receive the best price and the correct and best conditions.

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