Terms of Use BnBidea

  1. The use of the platform is offered to advertisers who offer accommodations and possibly associated activities through the platform. BnBidea focuses exclusively on the operation of the platform, which provides only opportunities for the user and advertisers to contact each other. Therefore, BnBidea is not a party to (the creation of) any agreements between the user and advertisers as a result of advertisements on the platform. The user who wishes to (if) use the offer in an advertisement requests a request through the platform, which application is subsequently brought to the attention of the advertiser. When settling such an application, BnBidea is and can never be involved. The application by the user as such does not ever create an agreement between the user and the advertiser. Therefore, BnBidea cannot guarantee that the offer in an ad is really available and whether the advertiser is willing to conclude an agreement with the user. The advertiser may set special (additional) terms in his offer, which conditions are not listed in the advertisement. The user concludes any agreements between him and an advertiser entirely for his own account and risk.
  2. BnBidea is committed to requesting advertisers to provide clear and complete information in advertisements so that the user can make a good judgment about the accommodation and any activities. However, BnBidea does not bear any responsibility and responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of advertisers listed in advertisements.
  3. BnBidea is not required to verify the content of advertiser advertisements disclosed through the platform. The user is responsible for the assessment of whether advertisers are correct, complete, reliable and legitimate. Any liability of BnBidea in this regard is excluded.
  4. To report illegal and / or third-party rights to infringing ads, offensive content and other complaints about advertisers, the user is requested to contact BnBidea via the contact form on the platform or by email. As a result, BnBidea may take appropriate measures, but nevertheless, the user can never derive any right from a report made by BnBidea as mentioned above.

The complete terms and conditions for members with accommodation can be read here: Terms and Conditions BnBidea.com

The complete terms and conditions for site users can be read here: Terms and Conditions BnBidea.com