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BnBidea is the new standard of fairbooking. Advertise on BnBidea and receive booking requests directly from travelers. No extra costs, but 100% income and 100% service for your guests.

BnBidea has a unique promotion! Pay no commission, no annual fee, no service fee, but only a one-time registration fee. After that, the use of the site is free ... forever *!

Promote your accommodation with your own well-arranged page. Post nice pictures and a nice description. Visitors can make a request directly, or click on your website link for additional information. Use the clear price schedule for your accommodation or individual rooms.

With your own page on BnBidea, you will receive more requests, more visitors to your site, more awareness and a higher search result in all search engines! Your guests receive 100% service, you handle all requests yourself and determine your conditions yourself.

100% service for your guests
100% income
No commission
No service fee
Direct requests
Higher in the search lists
Unique promotion *
Mention website link
Your own conditions
€ 75 (ex.VAT)

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Your journey starts with a great (BnB) idea !