Why BnBidea

BnBidea is an independent platform, where you keep complete control! Create and maintain your own page easily and clearly. Bnbidea does not charge any commission or service fee. An inquiry or booking always goes directly. As an owner / manager, you are free to accept a booking and determine all the conditions yourself, without the intervention of BnBidea.

How does BnBidea work

You register your accommodation with a clear and simple menu on BnBidea. Make sure that the mail from BnBidea does not end up in your spam filter! This is also where your requests come in. Make sure to fill in as much information as possible. Place the most beautiful photos, so that visitors are immediately enthusiastic. Why should travelers book your accommodation? The best spot in the city, on the beach, the best view from the pool, right on the ski slope? Make sure your description starts with the best reason why someone should book your accommodation! Start with the most beautiful photo and the best opening line.

A visitor to Bnbidea who wants to book your accommodation will always contact you directly. He does this by filling in the contact form or responding via your own website. The link to your own website is on your page. You handle the application yourself and all conditions, such as cancellation and payment conditions.

For a fixed fee of € 24 (ex VAT) per year, your accommodation is on BnBidea.

All the benefits of BnBidea

Don't pay any commission
Do not pay a service fee
Receive direct bookings
Determine your own conditions
Receive 100% revenue
A clear accommodation page
A direct link to your website
Get higher in the search lists
More publicity
100% service for your guests

Why BnBidea

The future of fairbooking
Direct bookings, no commissions and 100% service
Welcome to BnBidea